7 Tips for Travelling as an Introvert

Travelling as an introvert has unique challenges. You have to figure out how to recharge alone. First off, being an introvert doesn’t mean you’re not a social person. Me for example, I like people just fine. I just need a bit of quiet time to recharge – especially after being in crowds all day. Here are my tips that work for me.

1. Bring Headphones and Earplugs. These are godsends. Screaming child behind you on the train? Headphones. Block out noise on public transportation. Got a hotel near a bar? Earplugs. Pop in an eyemask too if you’re sensitive to light.

2. Get Recharged. Check your hotel has everything you need to recharge. I personally love a bath. A few minutes in a bath and my worries go away. Maybe you need a dark room or a good coffee maker. Do a little research beforehand.

3. Look for Quiet Areas. For example, quiet carriages on trains. e.g. Virgin trains. Look to book seats on quiet trains or other transportation. Some museums even have quiet days.

4. Check Busy Times. Do a quick search on Google maps for a museum. Scroll down. Often you’ll see a Popular Times area. Use this to get a good idea of when may be a quieter time.

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5. Travel Offseason. Travel in off season times. If you can’t take too many crowds, think about travelling in Autumn or Spring. If you can go during these times you’ll often find fewer crowds and pleasant weather. Maybe even some spring flowers and changing leaves.

6. Take a Tour. Extroverts seem to meet people everywhere they go. Shyer introverts may struggle with this. If so, take a tour. You already have a few things in common with others on the tour. And a small structured setting can be more comfortable. But if you like to be alone, that’s great, too!

7. Journal. Or do another hobby in the evening. Enjoy your trip! Take your alone time in stride.