5 Tips for Keeping Travel Affordable

Everyone has their tips for keeping it cheap while travelling. This is probably a rehash of them. But my Holiday season still feels like it’s on full blast. Without further ado. Here are my tips.

  1. Cook your own food. If you’re on the go during the day, why not cook your own breakfast and save a few bucks? Rent a place with a small kitchen if you can and cook your own local food. (If there are pastries in the area though, all bets are off. Sorry.) Street food is another way to keep food costs on the cheaper side. When we were poor and desperate in (expensive) beautiful Norway we literally ate bread and butter. Of course, if you travel to eat, you should look to cut costs elsewhere. Like…
  2. Flights. This is probably my biggest tip. Let cheap flights dictate your next destination. Unless you have one particular place in mind and the budget to go there, let the fates help decide. Today there are dedicated souls looking for the best deals so you don’t even have to do that. Shout out to Scott’s Cheap Flights, first and foremost. Lately, I’ve been really liking Pomelo Travel, too. Other competitors include Matt’s Flights, Lorenzo’s Cheap Flights and others. If you do find a deal from them, think about paying a small subscription so they can keep searching. (Plus you’ll get first bids.)
  3. Souvenirs. I’m going to be honest here. Not many people are going to love the tatty figurine you bought them from Spain. (Plus lots of tat at tat shops are created somewhere else. Sorry local artisans.) Unless your loved one has a particular interest in kitsch, save your money on the tat. If you’re going to get a souvenir get something authentic and unique! For example, food items are always hits in my experience. Even if the food is awful you can share its awfulness. Usually, your loved ones are going to be excited to hear about the trip. If they always expect a gift maybe it’s best to get them out of that habit anyway.
  4. Research. Do research on city passes, any discounts applicable to you, cheap museum dates. More often than not (especially in big cities) you’ll find a deal.
  5. Go to a Cheaper Location. If you’re really looking to save some dough there’s no easier way. People make careers out of finding accessible, affordable, and safe places to travel to. Check out some youtube videos or blogs. Keep in mind flight prices to these places may be more expensive. But once you’re there you’re going to be able to afford a lot more.