Three Unique Stays in Berlin

Usually I don’t put too much effort into finding the perfect accommodation. Often I’m out all day sightseeing and only sleep at the hotel.

But Berlin had so many unique places to stay at, we just had to try out a few. If you’re looking for a fun place to stay in Berlin – read on.

1. OSTEL Hostel

Get a feel for the DDR at the OSTEL Hostel. This hostel is housed in an old East Berlin concrete apartment block.

It’s all “communist retro chic” at an affordable price. Each room boasts decor from the late 1970s and 1980s East Berlin. The owners rescued all sorts of furnishings and bits from private houses and charity shops.

It’s an affordable stay in a location not far from many major sites.

2. Arte Louise Hotel

Want to stay in a work of art? The Arte Louise Hotel has you covered.

Each of 50 hotel rooms are different. Artists were let loose in these rooms: extensive murals, crazy lights, fun themes. It’s a fun gamble to see what you’ll get.


We got an airplane themed room, complete with a hanging bed, propeller shelves, and a faux runway.

We’d definitely stay there again. It’s a short walk away from the Brandenburg Gate and other attractions. It also boasts wonderful service and a quirky lobby room. Plus, y’all, airplane room. Best sleep of my life on a plane.

3. Hüttenpalast

Want to sleep in a camper-van in an old vacuum cleaner factory? We did. It may not be every ones cup of tea but we found ourselves having our best sleep here.

The owners excel at retro whimsical decor. There’s also forest-like common area which reminded me of a Studio Ghibli film.


Our caravan had small cut outs of horses, wales, and squiggles that glittered at night.


We spent the next morning relaxing at Hüttenpalast as well. There are lots of relaxing nooks and free tea and coffee brought into the common area.


Additional photos courtesy of official websites.