Hi! My name is Theodora. I find joy in the curious, obscure, and streets steeped in history. When travelling I seek out museums, galleries, bizarre places, crooked streets, charming walks, and beautiful landscapes.

My husband and I have been able to travel across Europe and the US the past few years and we are always looking to see more! When I’m not doing that I’m writing, painting, and doing remote marketing work. I’m also a fan of tea, children’s literature, animation, and practically anything Victorian or Edwardian. Get in touch if you want to chat about any of that. Also, check out my art blog if you want more art!

In The Crooked Place I’ll focus on some of the less-trodden beautiful and strange destinations we have been and any tips we can share. I hope¬†sharing some of the fascinating places I’ve been to inspires you to go as well! Follow me via email if you want the latest guide.

“The heart longs for the crooked place”